When you’re establishing an online business one of things you do alot and I mean alot is watch video tutorials. This can be huge time drain and I am sure you’ll find yourself wanting to speedup the content and while some video streaming players offer some speed controls options many of them don’t.

Did you know that if you use the Chrome (or Brave) web browser there is an extension you can install called Video Speed Controller which adds small buttons at the top left corner of the video player. It controls the speed of the video by changing the playback rate of the video. You can even change the playback rate of the video using custom intervals.

You can even rewind fake live webinars! You know the ones I mean, clearly recorded but pretending to be live… This is really neat when you want flick back and grab a screen shot or take notes of something you missed.

All in all, this broswer extension is an incredible productivity hack that will save you hundreds of hours.

I hope you found that useful.

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    1 Response to "Warp Speed Vids!"

    • Derek Barrington

      Hello Kieren,

      A very useful piece on controlling videos. There is certainly nothing worse than trying to watch a pre-recorded webinar and missing a vital URL and having to start from the beginning again.

      This is certainly something I will add to my tools.

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