Well I couldn’t resist making a post for StarWars day.  It’s incredible the impact this film franchise has had on the world since it was released in 1977! Wow 45 Years ago!

The movies struck a cord with the imagination but also hit home perfectly with themes that resonate with everyday earthly life.

I honestly believe we’re connected with the universe in ways that modern science doesn’t yet fully understand but acient wisdom somehow did. One thing that is clear to me is that if you have faith, work diligently and consistently incredible things do happen, more then you would expect and in unexpected ways. Your dreams do and can come true.

There is a ‘force’, ‘universe’, ‘god’ however you would like to interpret that force that we somehow know is there but can’t explain.

With that said – MAY THE 4th (and the force) BE WITH YOU!


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Until next time – Kieren

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    • Tony Simms

      Yes indeed… I remember watching the film in the Odeon, Leicester Square when it first came out. It was a cold December evening. I was in my early 20’s, accompanied by two Irish nurses from the KCOAH hospital (all innocent and above board!) The atmosphere in the cinema was ellectric, people were stamping, cheering, gasping, I had never experienced anything like it before. Just around the corner was a store displaying storm trooper costumes from the filming.

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