I was working on building a few web pages today and realised I do something to get colours to match with your branding or an image your using with a neat trick using PowerPoint.

So if you’re a Microsoft office user you might like this. I am sure there are other ways to do this as well but I find this super quick and really easy…

  • Use the snip tool in windows to copy a section of the image you want to match the colour
    • To find the snip tool Click the Windows icon and then search for “snip”
  • Open PowerPoint with a new blank presentation
    • If it has text / heading prompts delete them, you just need a blank slide
  • Paste in your section of image from snip (press ctrl-v) or right click paste
  • Insert a rectangle
  • Select the fill shape option and then select the ‘eye dropper’ icon
  • Use the ‘eye dropper’ to point at the colour you want to match. The rectangle will fill with that exact colour
  • Select the fill shape option on the rectangle again and this time select “More fill colours”. In the bottom left of the colour picker you’ll see Hex and a code like #3473C2.
  • Use the Hex code on your web pages or graphics software to get the exact colour you want!

I hope that was useful

Until next time….


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