Wow, what a couple of weeks I have had! One step froward then I hit a tech issue. Then off I go down a help desk, support ticket, work it out myself resolution rabbit hole… hours or days seem to just vanish and that wasn’t what I was meant to be doing. I get the issue resolved take the next step forward and bang, another tech issue! aaargh!

I have started over with a new domain and hosting company, wordpress and OptimizePress (really great WP Theme btw).

So, I guess some of the issues were me finding my way around and others just teething problems getting the config right, a niggly imcompatable plugin and having to find an alternative.

Anyhow, I didn’t let it get to me and in the imortal words of Dory “Just Kept Swimming”, a few days late and I finally have my webpages built and tested, and a new shiny report that you can enjoy. If you’d to see it please go ahead and sign up at the top of this page.

Until next time….


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